So I leave the matter there

ArtThe foregoing chapters have sought to appreciate the Puritans as men of God.  They are, in other words, explorations in historical spirituality.  They have aimed to look at aspects of Puritan belief and behavior in ways that would enable us to see the grace of God in Puritan’ lives and think to some purpose about what we might learn from them.  I introduced the Puritans by comparing them to the California Redwoods, huge trees that are not handsome in any conventional sense but have very straight, strong, solid trunks.  the evidence presented has, i believe, shown that the comparison is justified.   NOW WE STAND BACK FROM DETAILED EVIDENCE IN ORDER TO TAKE ONE LAST LOOK AT THE PURITANS AND MAKE SURE THAT WE SEE THEM STEADILY AND WHOLE.

A Quest for Godliness
author:  J. I. Paccker