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The Kingdom of God


Two beliefs have remained constant in the orthodox strands of the Christian tradition. First, there is a firm belief in the physical, visible return of Christ. This is the doctrine of the second coming. Second is a firm belief in some form of a future, real kingdom in which the sum of all God’s promises and covenants will be fully enjoyed by the righteous, as well as a future judgment visiting God’s unmitigated wrath on the unrighteous. As Christ taught of the kingdom, there are sheep and there are goats (Matthew 25). There are those to whom the kingdom of God belongs, while there are those to whom it does not. These two constant beliefs find a home in the creeds of the early church and in the confessions and catechisms of the Protestant traditions.
pg. 45


Although we live for the present in a sinful and broken world, we must understand that, ultimately, God has already won the battle and will be victorious over all evil in the end. Indeed, this victory is part and parcel of his very identity, that he might bring glory to his name.
pg. 60

The Kingdom of God
edited by Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson


But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6:33


Believer in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ my LORD and Savior. InChrist

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